Closing time for Seven46

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By Nick Varley, Founding Partner and CEO

One of my favourite songs of the rather barren late ‘90s music scene was ‘Closing Time’ by Semisonic.

Well, as of today, 20 years later, it’s getting another run on my stereo / digital streaming device as the most appropriate song to mark the end of an era.

Because it’s closing time for Seven46. After 12 years – and working on four consecutive winning summer Olympic bids – the business is shutting its doors.

Looking up and looking forward

Well, we would be closing our doors – if we had any doors. A gradual wind-down, which began late last summer, means that we haven’t even had an office for several weeks.

Of course, the closure is tinged with some sadness – but also with many good memories, and plenty of excitement too as we look forward to whatever comes next.

For well over a decade, as a team, we have had our heads down, working hard for clients all over the world. Now is the right time for us to look up and see what new opportunities are out there.

A proud track record

I’m incredibly proud of Seven46’s track record – in major event bidding, but also in our wider work with International Federations, sponsors and others in the global sports family.

I hope that we proved ourselves to be committed and creative supporters to all of our clients, in many different sports and sporting organisations.

Picture: A spread for one of the many titles Seven46 produced for the IAAF

A fitting finale

It was last summer that I decided to close the business in 2018.

And so I was delighted that Seven46’s last new client was another winning bid – and for my own home town – as Birmingham won the right to host the 2022 Commonwealth Games in December.

My own personal ‘journey’ in Olympic bidding began in 1985, as a schoolboy supporter of Birmingham’s bid for the 1992 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The success of the Birmingham 2022 bid provided a nice bookmark at the other end of that journey.

B2022 team

Picture: The core Birmingham 2022 team celebrating the submission of its bid book to the Commonwealth Games Federation

Personally, I’m already looking into a number of new ideas and leads – some in sport (especially around the incredible event that will be Tokyo 2020), and some not.

Because, in the words of Semisonic: “Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.”

This week, an old beginning comes to an end.

Next week, or maybe in a couple of weeks, because I fancy a few days off, another new beginning will start. Stay tuned…

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